2286 – The Birthing Pool I

A Mars in the midst of a terra-formation. For years now they have been creating colonies, the Earth Corporation. It began with a small four person team. Always relegated to groups of two, scheduled. Required to leave and explore in twos and return in twos. A small outpost filled with plant life. It soon grew.

Now, there are hundreds of vast colonies, vast roadways that span the surface of the freshly re-developing red planet. Rumors circulate of off-worlders, creating settlements that are not company-owned. Independent. Rumors, only.

Two women walk with one another, casually talking.
“You’re so lucky, I can’t believe that your first chosen mate from another colony has been genetically approved!”
“I know, Maddie, it’s like I’m floating on clouds, but, don’t forget, we’ve both been genetically approved for the other.”
“Right. Can’t have one without the other, it’s a mutual pairing.”
“But, Paul really is amazing. Did you know that he’s from the Deimos colony?”
“Wow, from a satellite, quite the catch, Laura!”
“And, he’s been trying to get stationed planet-side for years now. Because of this union, he’s finally able to.”
“Why would anyone from a satellite want to be here? I thought they were smart?”
“I’m sure he has his reasons.”

Paul is indisputably average looking; average height, average build, unmemorable face. However, it’s not a boring average, there’s a kindness about him, something almost wholesome. His intellect is decidedly well above average. People cannot tell whether it is his facial structure, or his well-maintained beard that gives him his approachable appearance. Perhaps it is both, and that’s why and how he wears it so well. His groomed beard is what brings memories of warmth towards him, his inviting and accepting personality notwithstanding.

He’s been planet-side for months now, Laura well-impregnated, and he’s getting along well with all of the crew-members, especially the scientists, with whom he’s been stationed, although he’s a fully-trained pilot. His explorations in C02 developments have put this colony leaps and bound ahead of the rest. It’s even possible to journey well outside the compound unsheathed by fully contained and helmeted space-suit system. This has been long-believed possible, but never been fully tested, for fear of exploration death.

The new-couple have provided a wealth of data together. Their combination is proving a strong and intelligent survivor within the womb. A commonplace acceptance is to allow the full 9-month gestation, before withdrawal and re-placement in a think-tank, for full gestation to occur, and the offspring can take full-care of itself.

4 Responses to “2286 – The Birthing Pool I”

  1. “Wow, from a satellite, quite the catch, Laura!”. LOL, what cheesy girl 2 girl dialogue.
    The idea of forced reproduction between pre-chosen individuals from differing “castes” or “breeds” where some are seen as superior to others reminds me of a mixture of Logan’s Run and Brave New World. Especially the fact that the people on the planet dare not stray too far from the motherland for fear of death and the unknown. I am curious to know what happens next…Why is Paul really here?

  2. It does, except, that is my interpretation of your story. That there is a larger force at hand, almost like some large-scale form of brainwashing mind control, where the people being led to live their lives a certain way do so because it is all they know and strive for. They are genuinely happy and exited, except, their will is almost non-existent.

  3. O.o The difference in tone and atmosphere between this story and the last story revengeance is like night and day. I’m not sure why though. I don’t think it’s because no one has their head shoved painfully down into their body by a man’s foot in this story…definitely not ^,^

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