Steel and Style

Steel Casino.
Style Games.
Two cunning friends, partners, if you will. When they were young, it was paper routes, normal stuff, and then they figured out how to start making some money on the side, scamming people, betting on little things like bike races with kids from out of town. They soon graduated to pool halls and sports bars, always running some sort of side scam to play the odds in their favor. Nowadays, though, they go after far much bigger game. It’s a matter of life or death. They fell in with the heavy hitters in the big city, hit men, mob bosses, criminal empires, and when you start hanging around them, well, you eventually become part of them. Big money was always the draw, livin’ better than people who didn’t know how to play the game.

Now, when one big bet went sour, Steel Casino and Style Games were confronted with either a quite forceful dose of lead poisoning to the brains, or making a special delivery for Sonny Bonizza. The delivery is always a reasonable choice for a man who wants his night to be full of desperate emotions. Steel Casino and Style Games weren’t big fans of losing, but then again, they kind of enjoyed not being made dead, and so here we are.

“Ah, damn, Steel,
“No way, Style, calm down, you create your fate with your own hands!”
“Man, you know that I believe in having the right packs for night acts! But, this is beyond that, we may die, man, die!”
“Don’t worry, this is just gunna be a simple drop off, and we’re home free, don’t worry!”
“Okay, okay, I gotta call our girlfriends first, but you know how it is, man, relax.”
Dammit, Steel, your eyes see a girl and your weapon instantly get into “ready for action” position. Let’s just do this and pray for a miracle.”
“Like I say, don’t worry!”

And thus began the zany comedy series “Steel & Style,” the characters based off a, well, exaggerated version of the writers themselves! This first underdog of a title first started off on the indie circuit, then once it hit it big at Cannes, and then got a global worldwide release, and, then all-out phenomena. It spawned four gigantic summer blockbusters after the first, highest grossing one being “Steel & Style: Undercover Capers,” an homage to “Secret Squirrel’s Undercover Capers.” Not only that, but two spin-off films series, videogames, a TV show, and the adult animated series Steel$Style!

That’s why, dear readers, you owe to yourself, purchase the diamond series collector’s edition. 6 Disks, over 200 hours of pure Steel & Style, all in a limited edition Diamond shaped case combination stand! That’s right, folks, your eye do not deceive you, now you too, will have the diamond of Shenanezar in your very own living room!

Order now, and receive as a special gift these S$S best friends forever matching silver chains!

2 Responses to “Steel and Style”

  1. WOW 6 discs? I’m excited! Sonny Bonizza.. I bet he has a spin off.

  2. One order of the collector’s edition boxset please! I want those BFF matching silver chains. I am sure this collection will be $$worth lots$$$ someday. Good job GuNNhead, you’re really expanding your story-base, congratulations!

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