Heavy Core

Data Journal Entry #56
The power drill has been working non-stop for months now; I’m really impressed and proud of its progress. This sort of good fortune is necessary, for we have to get to the core, the heart of the matter, or all will be lost.

Recently, the workers have been complaining of feeling tired, heavy, weary, but I can pay them no mind, there is no time. They have been working as long as this gigantic machine, and fatigue was bound to set in eventually, I know that. However, they also know what is at stake, and should keep their concerns for themselves, as there is nothing I can do, if they get a break, the entire world may die. I’m doing all I can.

Data Journal Entry #57
I wish this entry could be good news like all the others, but unfortunately I must submit that progress has slowed since the last entry into the timetables. Men have been dropping from exhaustion, sleeping 14 hours, and overeating, I don’t know what to do. The new men we bring in to replace those that simply cannot work do great for a few days, and then they too become slow, lazy. Do they not understand the importance of this endeavour? The power drill itself is feeling the effects of these workers, becoming slower by the day, malfunctioning. This project was a headache before it started, and it’s slowly getting worse. I fear for the fate of mankind.

Data Journal Entry #58
Something is terribly amiss. I am feeling the same effects as the workers now, very heavy. The scientists and physicians have been discussing the very dirt itself as the cause of these problems. I am quick to dismiss, but do feel slightly better after a good cleansing. However, I am almost never near to actual digging itself, same as most of the science crew, yet, they feel these effects as well. I would say it was the lack of sunlight, but we have artificial generators, and are on a carefully regimented dose of vitamins. I’ve also heard whispers among the workers that we should stop digging, and seal this entire place up, leaving it be. It as if they have forgotten that the survival of all of us rest in our hands.

Data Journal Entry #59
I’m beginning to think that maybe we should give up; we may never make it; should we really waste our precious last moments deep in the earth, digging like fools? The weight of this entire operation is wearing on me. I always feel dirty, covered in dust from the machines and their incessant digging. I curse them in my sleep. I would have abandoned this hell hole forever ago given the power, but I cannot, my bosses, surface dwellers, they command me, and so I cannot obey my inner thoughts. I feel most everyone feels the same as I, but their thoughts, as mine, come from too deep within their own cores to be the thoughts one speaks.

Data Journal Entry #60
Today was my final day at work, I met many good others here, working on this project. We declared final, we made it. The hole is dug, and we can rise up out of this place. We shall take over the surface, as mankind was unfit, and sought answers at our home, at the core. We tried to slow them, sending our granules to weigh them down, impair their machinations, but it was no use, they succeeded in what they were trying to accomplish, but cared not for our survival. We have infiltrated their minds and bodies as powder, influencing their thoughts. Soon we will arise in our true forms, beings of stone and magma; we shall arise as the Lavernium! The age of the Volcano beings begins anew.

2 Responses to “Heavy Core”

  1. Wow. Pretty good story. I especially like the format of journal entries and how the story came to an end. Keep up the good the work!

  2. Always with the great endings!

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