Beware of Them

“What are you doing here in my lab?” a voice asks from the darkness.
“… Dr. Brush?”
The man steps further into the light, he’s surprisingly well kempt, in a white lab coat and glasses.
“Who are you and what are you doing in my lab? I’m performing very important work here and won’t be disturbed.”
“Uh, well, we’re scientists ourselves, and there’s been a recent development, a problem with the human genome, millions have already died. We’ve come here to find out more about your research, as we believe it holds the key to mankind’s future. We thought you were dead.”
“Ha! So, it’s finally happening, and the world has come crawling back to me, its most brilliant mind! You see, I’ve foreseen of this problem coming for years now, it is the reason I came to this land in the first place, away from all the naysayers, so that I could work in peace and privacy.”
The man walks across the room.

“However, it is far too late for your precious mankind, that storm all those years ago was a blessing in disguise. It gave me the opportunity, no, countless opportunities to conduct my experiments. An entire village of injured, willing test subjects at a crucial time in my research.”
“You don’t mean to say that you…?”
“You experimented on all of the village people, but how? Why? There could have been nothing wrong with them back then!”
“What was wrong with them is that they were human! I made them much better! Their DNA helix has been re-written, they are better than humans in every way!” He takes a deep breath, recomposing himself. It has been a while since he has interacted with people. He opens a passage to a small hallway.
“Come with me, I’ll show Them to you; I’m sure that you’ll see that I have helped them more than a simple quick fix ever could, I have improved on humanity’s faulty evolution, replacing it by a design of mine own. Now come, they’re in the courtyard. You can even keep the documents of mine you’ve already pilfered, if they may help your cause.”
The group head down the corridor and out into the large well kept garden area.

Immediately, a congregation of hulking beasts notice the two intruders, and fly into a blind fury, ignoring the pleas of their master. Thom and Dee immediately take off running back into the building and through to the elevators.
“There’s no escaping Them!” the doctor shouts after the duo.
The monsters begin smashing through the glass walls, confused and enraged by visions of what they once were: human. The duo make it to the elevators, and begin pressing the button. The doors swing open, having just stopped on this floor. They leap in, and press the button for the lobby and close the door. In their moment of reprise, they hear the creatures smashing at the doors, and the supports of the entire floor above. The dilapidated hospital begins to shake and tremble. Ding! The doors open again, and they make a break for the front door with the walls coming down around them. They rush out the front in the research in hand, thankful to be alive. The entire building collapses, but they’ve gotten what they’ve came for, and were able to leave with their lives.

The Doctor is left laying face down in the debris; his tongue is skewered, stuck to a loose rusty nail in a piece of wood, while his foot is impaled on a metal concrete support rod. He bleeds out.

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