Time Mistaken

Our men have been working around the clock to solve the problem we’ve been having with time. Studying the time carefully, we’re trying to devise a way to even out and ensmoothen the flow of time. Using our technology we have been able to create a passage of time between these two parties. In our limited experiments, we’ve been able to provide those without enough time with the time they require directly from those with time on their hands with this passage. Time marches on, however, and despite our success in these isolated, contained experiments, our funding will be cut soon, just before we are able to fully unravel the mystery of the dimension known as time. It is with great excitement as well as great fear, then, that I have given the order to expand our experiment to the entire compound. We will effectively be syphoning time from the entire outside world, if the experiment succeeds, that is.

It has been weeks now, and the experiments are not working as planned inside of the Time-Syphon. The entire lab personnel have long since noticed that their metabolic cycle has completely shut down, and that no one has grown any hair since the machine was turned on around the compound. It seems after a lot of commotion outside of the protective time shield, the compound has long since been forgotten about. We are surrounded completely by nature and foliage that blocks our view of the distant cities we could once see.

Though we still continued our experiments for years, we eventually began to realize that our goal is impossible, and since we set the completion detector to sense when we had accomplished our task to unravel the secret of time, the syphon completely halted time here in the compound, and sapped so much time from the world itself to create infinite time, or, rather, as near to infinite it can get to by syphoning all of the surrounding time. After seeing the world become completely dried out and eventually destroyed around our sole encapsulated area at what felt like 8 years, we began a betting pool as to whether us and our sapper would become a black hole or not, though, due to such a strong leaning towards the former, there was a bonus jackpot for correctly determining how long it would take.

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