Sleep at Night

Do you ever wake up with that overwhelming sense of everything being worthless, that there is no future where there is happiness, none of the effort you ever put into anything will ever be rewarded properly, no matter how much effort into anything your life will be completely miserable and empty, and you wake up alone to these thoughts and they stick with you all day and keep you up at night, and you know you’ll never feel anything resembling love for anyone and no one will ever feel love for you because all of life is just so damn horrible and hollow and empty because deep down everyone knows it’s all going completely to shit, and that there’s nothing that they can do to change the actual future, the big picture future, because be as successful as you want, make as many friends, or get as fit, or find that special someone, no matter what, it’s all going to go to shit, the world is a hellhole full of awful people, and there’s no recovery, there’s no hopeful future, it’s all just shitty people getting shittier, where you think they can throw all the technology they want at it, people are just rotten and greedy and it’s completely inescapable all over the world, that there is no bright future for anyone over the next 50 years?

Well, have we got the product for you! With our thought specialists, we have created a new innovation that will not only change the world, but change how people see and interact with the world!

Prepare for the Future of Reality!

The golden age of hope is a lame old epoch long past, kick it out of here! Rockets and robots, colonies on the moon, mars, visiting the moons of some giant gassy losers that couldn’t even get good seats to the sun, take those moldy dreams to the curb, they’re stinking up the house! What the world is in need of, what can unite people again towards a goal, a dream of a common future, of believing everyone should be prosperous, is just around the corner, yes, that’s right, we found it! It’s a simple, easy to use product, and only takes a few moments to equip in your arsenal of a new life, in everyone’s new lives, that’s how easy it is to use, that’s how transformative this product is. You can buy it now, for only $39.95! But don’t let us just sit here blowing smoke up your behind as if what you’re buying is simply some kind of positive thinking seminar, no, we agree with you, life is bleak and relentless, and all of the cards are stacked against each and every single one of us, there is no escaping it, we all die, and life is incredibly long, and tortuous. This is what humanity has done to itself. Deep down, everyone is a wretched animal, and for all the good anyone tries to do, there will always be far more unstoppable pain and suffering, because humans are monsters who made the world a terrible place to live, and this world or any other is no place for humanity, because any place that we are will always be a place filled with monsters.

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