Still a Good Day

When I walked outside today, I never expected to step in a bear trap. However, I did just that. I looked around, seemed that I wasn’t the only unsuspecting person affixed to the ground via a hunk of steel biting their leg. Screaming in pain, it was tough to notice the fine job they did securing the bear traps into the sidewalk. It went unappreciated, honestly; I was unappreciative of their efforts.

Oh well, beyond that, at least something came of it all. People tried to help in the confusion, but it just got bloodier and more hectic. Keeping my steady resolve, and attempting to figure out the situation, get to the root of the compounding questions, I began to sob uncontrollably. It wasn’t my finest moment, simply put. Answers came regardless, as silent black trucks drove into the scene. The people who stepped out were dressed in odd suits, covering all of their body and any identifying features. They walked strangely, like in those horror movies where it’s all weird and uncanny feeling. Like they weren’t human, or had just gotten humanoid forms. To form this sentence carefully: the way they walked stood out as off-putting while I was affixed to the sidewalk via a bear trap.

After they gassed the place, the black trucks weren’t so bad, taking the bear trap fiasco into account. It was a quiet ride, all the screaming people were passed out. I think they used some sort of specialized binding material, because my wrists were fine, though bound. They might have even fixed up the leg wound, though it could have been the gas tricking me. I couldn’t feel much, and was blindfolded, occasionally I heard some muffled movement among the sounds of traffic. I figured it was simply other captures, thinking they should keep quiet as well. It’s an odd feeling, being tied up in a van, kidnapped. You kind of know that screaming and yelling won’t help, but by the time you want to at least try, you pass back out again because you’re feeling sort of woozy.

Or, at least, that’s what happened to me. Either way, when I woke up, I was in a vast field. Green grass surrounded me, beyond that: trees. The sun was warm, and from what I could tell, it was noonish, give or take a few hours. I’m pretty great at telling the time by the position of the sun in the sky. My leg felt great, I could even walk on it, surprisingly enough. There were others around, I recognized a few from this morning, and a few more simply from around. I wondered how many people were here, but didn’t fully care. People began worrying, talking. I simply accepted it, and walked westward into the expanses of soft grass. It felt weird on my shoes, too soft compared to the floors and sidewalks I’m used to. Eh, today wasn’t so bad.

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