End By End I

“Your new favorite game.”
“Shut up, you always say that.”
“And each time they get better, do they not?”
“In some ways, but, as you may already know, I don’t like dying.”
“More slots are open to you now more than ever, we have no worries about in our setup.”
“In our setup? Did you not hear about the guys who got all those newgov chips?”
“Oh please, that’s just a stupid rumor.”
“Well, I heard one of them was a girl too!”
“Don’t start up with that synapse phase bullshit again. It doesn’t even compute.”
“It totally does, it’s all about the connection, see, and-” he sees her glare, and stops. “Either way, they were able to get the companymen to get them in!”
“The companymen don’t exist, and if they did, nobody without some seriously gravity connections could find them. Unless it’s… well, it’s unimportant.”
“Right, we need to move ahead in the game.”
“Oh no, not yet. This one reads from an altered source. It can’t just be accessed, and the installation process is a total fragmentation.”
“So how’s everyone else playing it?”
“They’re not, they only think they are. I’m talking about the real game, here.”
“So, meta?”
“Beyond the common meta we do here. I’ve been following this release, it’s unlike anything I’d ever seen in the public domain. Newgov doesn’t even know what they’ve released.”
“Are you talking about this game? It’s just the most killer install ever made, a big budget cash grab for the junkies in this fucking desert.”
“I wish it was. But it’s infected, could be bad, could be good. It’s just… unknown, plus these schemas I was able to get, it’s pure redshift.”
“Don’t you mean blueshift? Like, that’s what they do! You’re probably just over-installed; you gotta purge sometimes, man.”
“I know what I read, I know what I saw, I can handle my install-base, and, most importantly: I know what I’ve been building.”
“When have you ever known me to find ecliptic schemas and not try to reproduce them?”
“Still, what would a redshift possibly accomplish?”
“Depends who’s doing it. This exo is so advanced I could barely understand it at first. It could do anything, internal, external. The way it affixes a mindwave, it’s like it was created by someone who totally derailed and lived: a genius who doesn’t know it, but with incredible drive towards an unknown purpose.”
“So, what do we do?”
“We try it out. I need your help for the final bit.”
“Well, if this does what you say it does, I have to, if only for curiosity, what do you need from me?”
“I need your pod, well, and your schizo discs.”
“They’re so obsolete, I put them down in storage.”
“Exactly, they just need a rehinge, and they’re perfect. We should go now, first to the pod, then storage. I have to transvert some dynamism.”

One Response to “End By End I”

  1. i tried to understand it, i don’t but it sounds wicked awesome whatever these two are planning!

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