Desolation: Anamnesis – The Jungle II

The vines continued to snake their way through the halls. There seemed to be a focus of them in one direction, while they sort of lessened in others. The dilapidation of the facility could not be ignored, however. The work was being carried out in the basement, I needed to cross the building to get to a separate stairwell. Just because the intel was wrong about the maintenance of the main floors of the facility didn’t make this place any less dangerous, especially in my state. I walked the corridors, when I heard something following me. I drew my gun, but only to realize that the sound was my blood bleeding from my broken arm onto the floor and foliage. Bone must have broken the skin. No matter, I have a job to do. Remembering the floor plan, I kick open a few doors that reveal even more confusing puzzle pieces brought to me by the shadowy workings of C.H.A.O.S., but not so confusing that I can’t find a first aid kit.

With the dripping stopped, I made it to the stairwell. If I hadn’t memorized the layout of this place, these vines would have done a fine job of guiding me, they’re really bunched up tight in along the stairs. I got to the basement, and the same voice broke out over the central intercom system.

“Ahh, so good to see you, my old friend.”
“Senton, this ends now, whatever you have planned in this facility, consider it gone.” I make it down the first hall, and turn a corner.
“C.H.A.O.S. is a force for good, F.A.T.E. works against the natural order.”
“You won’t convince me that the sky isn’t falling down, Senton.” I keep him talking, trace the signal with the universal interface now that he was close.
“That’s Emperor Senton to you, agent, and soon the whole world.” I turned a corner, saw a figure, and fired. A dead body, strangled by vines. Walking past it, I kick open the final door, and find the central control booth, and fire a bullet into the operator. Another dead man. Dead for years. I examine the computers, and find this facility worked on two projects in close contact with Senton. NX41-2, and JM-37-L, codenames for chemicals and toxins they’ve been working on. So what happened here? Did third-party take this place down, stealing the secrets? Some sort of toxic accident? My scanners don’t pick up anything in the air. All out of data and options, it’s time to check out the labs, see what I can find there the old-fashioned way. I signal for the helicopter.

“Oh, agent, if only I could see the look of disappointment on your face. Doesn’t seem like you get to be the hero today. That old place has long since been decommissioned, but, I guess I’m a bit of a pack rat, but a few things still work. If I may offer a piece of advice, though, don’t bother with those labs.” Ignoring him, I kick open a door to the NX41-2 lab. Nothing. Completely empty. I cross the hall, and the door to the JM-37-L sector is forced open by the amount of vines. I step over them, but soon the floor gets so sick with them that I can only step on them.
“We can taste your blood.” The words whisper through the dense jungle that has coated the large room. I stop, but get side-swiped by a broken down tree trunk, and hit into the thick greenness. I fire a couple of shots into the area, and the whole thing starts shaking and erupts, breaking through the walls and roof. With the light, I can see hundreds of people, combined as one with the plants. I can also hear the helicopter, I take a few more shots, then take cover as the pilot sends a few missiles into it. I put my gun away as he drops the ladder, and I take a running leap of this giant, flaming people-tree, latching on to the hard steel with my elbow joint, we circle. Once I’m back in the helicopter, we napalm the hell out of the monster.

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