MTV keeps it real

Hey, y’all!

Check out that link! Wow, just look at it there. Amazing. So hypertextual.

Anyway, what it is about is that some hip dudes and dudettes I fathom to know have a shot at a mtv reality show, and we alllllll know how well those turn out for all involved, so, I’m rooting for them to get it! Will they make a new catchphrase? Will they be so obnoxious that you simply love to hate them? I dunno, but if it’s in montreal ,i’m sure this real life will be mathematical!

From wikipedia:
In many reality TV programs, camera shooting and footage editing give the viewer the impression that they are passive observers following people going about their daily personal and professional activities; this style of filming is often referred to as fly on the wall or factual television. Story “plots” are often constructed via editing or planned situations, with the results resembling soap operas—hence the terms docusoap and docudrama. In other shows, a cinéma vérité style is adopted, where the filmmaker is more than a passive observer—their presence and influence is greatly manifest.

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