Desolation: Anamnesis – The Lab II

I walked around the observation deck against the railing, and took a right down towards the center of the facility. There was a single lit room at the end and to the left; right where I was heading. That’s when the smell hit me. The voice in my head told me to turn back. I’m an uninvited guest. Those… creatures I shot didn’t smell nearly this bad. I put on my rebreather, and made my way to the door. It was sturdy, locked from the inside. I looked into the window where the light was coming from, it was covered in claw marks same as the door, but that smell was coming from inside, and I needed what was behind that door.

I had an experimental explosive, some sort of Heptanitrocubane/Octanitrocubane compound, only about a pound, but enough to bring that entire place to the ground, after I got what I needed, of course.

I applied enough to bring it down. I walked past the first empty room, into the next and there I found a man on the other side, deformed, slightly deranged. A scientist. He didn’t attack.

“What’s gone on here?”

No answer. It just breathes, low and heavy.

“I asked what happened here? What are those things?”

“They’re… an experiment. We created it, but I was the only one who didn’t get turned into one of those… things. It was only a few weeks ago, but it’s all gone to hell. I’ve been surviving off the snack machines in this room. Thank god you’re here.”

“I wouldn’t thank anybody just yet.” I place a bullet between his eyes, and his body collapses. I power up the terminal behind him, and download the files.

I take off out of the room, to the four corners of this complex. Down each dimly lit corridor, I make haste, but keep an eye and an ear out for those lurking creatures. I stay on the outside hallways, and only run into one or two. In each of the furthest supports of the building, I place a portion of the explosives, and sync it up to my detonator. The final one has to go in the center, at the bottom of the atrium. I could potentially sneak into there, find a mass concentration of these creatures, sneak or kill my way to the center of them, unravel this mystery, and…

I walk up a flight of stairs, and proceed to the overlooking guide-railing. I sync up the final bit of explosive, and drop it into the pit. I hear moaning, spulching, squirming, sliding. The smell of old, soaked, pus-filled flesh soaks the air. I walk back into the blackened room, and through to the elevator at the end of the next hallway. I shoot the two speakers, and take it up. I walk out the front door, shooting the guard. With the building in the distance behind me, and my pick-up helicopter on the horizon, I detonate the charges, and the entire complex explodes from the ground in a ball of fire. I light a cigarette and continue walking across the frozen tundra.

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