That’s What She Said

He casually slipped his eyeball out of its socket, held it up and said “You see, it’s not so difficult.”

He knew I’d had trouble with false reality simulators in the past. I reached in, slowly pushing past my eyelids, reaching behind my eye, and popping it out. Of course, the ocular nerve followed it, and allowed it to dangle gently and freely from the open hole, the eyelids left to frantically flutter about their business, impotent.

“It’s all pointless, isn’t it?” I asked him.
“The point is what you make it, just have a lot of fun, and try to score the most points.”
A maggot slithered out of his tongue as he formed the final words, and dribbled out of his mouth when he completed.

I looked down towards the play field.
“I know six people down there, and don’t give a damn about any single one of them. Tell me why.”
“Permanence, the consciousness is trapped in permanence while the physical body is fleeting.”
“This is what you needed. You are entirely superfluous.”
“Knowledge is power, disappear as a god?”
“Return in the body of a savior…”

We transported down to the arena, game already in progress. It was really a game of numbers; the scoreboards didn’t lie, but the truth in it only mattered if you cared. It was a path of bodies. None would be alive, never needing to have been. It was a small part of life, a new way to reimagine. A grand prix of self-destruction. The rules were based in reality, as they all are, for it’s what most go off of; gravity, physics, all mostly non-altered, expect for entertainment value, there was no positive or negative affects to discern.

One life, countless deaths. The computerized apocalypse. A simulation of the tenacity of the dead alive. Levels of distance, the dead rise from the graves. How many have died? No matter. How many have joined life? Since the apocalypse? Millions, more every day. Once the dead win, will they reboot, or will the dead truly inhabit the entirety of this world? Maybe a new server. A new change at life, a new opportunity to die.

A friend request from beyond the grave. She was so pretty when she killed me. Revenge. Fuck. I accept. It feels so good to love the pain. I invite her to transport to out location. It’s dangerous if there are factions of hunting parties, but I know my friend, he plays it safe for the first while, spawning in uninhabited locations. The travel across the plains is what interests him, gets him into character. I think it does affect your mind, the craving for flesh. I should remember to check that after. I sigh out my lamentation of death, causing all other Zeez around me to do the same, only my friend is within earshot. She appears.

“Oof, lost an arm?”
“Shut up, I killed you, didn’t I?”
“Can’t make it very far without ammo, especially when you’ve been bitten.”
“24 hours, no cure.”
“There never is.”
“How’d you find me? I thought I was held up pretty well.”
“The nose knows.”
“Where are we going?”
“I don’t know.”
“Just beyond the forest, but we should curve around first, there might be hunters.”
“After this long?”
“Never hurts when you play it smart.”
“That’s what I thought until he found me and bit me.”
“Shouldn’ta been alone.”
“That’s what she said. After I bit her. Then she shot me.”

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  1. How I wish something like this sort of existed ^,^

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