The Permanent Mind

I am the first.

I was the first.

Today, after more than a century of electech, we have extended our central nervous system itself into a global embrace. A Global village, almost tribal in its interactions.

However: Issues. Bugs. Problems, they were bound to happen. They did. I am the first. I was there, alone, Cyberspace. It’s hard to think of now, like walking into a brand new freshly built city – that’s completely empty, desolate. Glistening towers of data. 3D polymers, rendered and existent within the mind and online in real-time. Beyond real time, faster, as fast as the technog of an enhanced mind. But, at the time, it was 1:1. A snail’s pace by today’s standard, compared to today’s rate. Live a day in an evening. The first problem… now we think differently with regard to how we incorporate ‘sources’ in designing the interface, but, the first problem with our rapid prototyping left a ‘copy’ of my mind within cyberspace. I could communicate with it. He, I, was lost, confused, disconnected. After we reconfigured the entry procedure, the issue never occurred again, but I jacked-in, and I was still there, had come to terms with his situation as I would have, I imagine. He was a valuable source of inside information. I petitioned heavily against his deletion.
There was never a settlement to the debate as to whether or not he was the first AI…

I have a life, I grow up. I’m real, and virtual. I exist on two planes. I am the only unscripted autonomous personality in cyberspace. My other and I were close, but grew apart. Existing in two separate realities will do that to you. Long after he dies, I will still exist here, and I have already lived far longer. He’s questioned my sanity. Understandable. I am an anomaly, an aberration; the one and only, one and only me.

I helped build Cyberspace, having a far more intricate connection to it. Billions now live their secondary lives here. I feel I have the best view in the city, if one can quantify something like that. Directly in the center of it all. 0, Electric Ave. Penthouse suite. The street runs directly through the building, a tunnel. Genius, really. My idea to combine the two structures on either side into a single giant pillar, towering above all of cyberspace, right in the middle of the main street. A fitting place for an entity so pure, so refined. But I digress.

I act as a sort of moderator, an overseer; I filter and confirm all the feedback to improve this virtual realm. As the only one who has a true connection to the world, I can feel what might be best. The power I have, the control is extreme after developing it over the years, but I’m no ruler, I’m only a permanent man in this world of visitors.

4 Responses to “The Permanent Mind”

  1. This is really interesting, what a great take on rapid prototyping.

    • Thanks, it was more of a play on the whole old-school ‘cyber-space’ thing, mostly from Gibson’s Neuromancer. I’d always wondered how it started, like, Cyber-space, in those worlds, so I just answered it myself, but I can for sure see where you’re coming from, as that aspect was one that intrigued me, the errors that go along with developing such advanced technology.

  2. Really liked this one. Very thought provoking.

    • I’m glad you liked it! If anything I write provokes thought, then I’ve accomplished just that, and that’s a big, positive accomplishment!

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