The Rancorous Origins of Lunos Firedrake Part 1

Daystar Firedrake, the hero of Wealdland, was not born alone. Beside his heart that burned so bright with heroism, there also beat a heart filled with atrocity; this heart belonged to his brother, Lunos. Their childhood was one of commonplace occurrences, with neither having the knowledge of life to follow. Though, there are those who could see the warmth and forthcoming greatness in Daystar. Their birth parents died before either could remember, and the village took unto them as their own, raising them with solid moral values, teaching them the way of Wealdland. None in the land could figure out how the first born, Daystar, was able to achieve a great many friends, while Lunos spent much of his time alone, as for much of their youth, they acted the same. If asked, the children would often say that the mere presence of Lunos would send shivers up their spines and cause horripilation. If not for Daystar always wanting to recreate alongside him, challenging him in battles of the sword, none of the children would have gone near Lunos. Over time, Lunos grew distant from his brother, loathing him for his superior skill in combat and jovial nature, preferring his own tenebrous demeanour.

In their teenage years, Lunos left the village and his brother, alone, seeking his own path in life, and no longer wanting to be associated with Daystar Firedrake. Deep in the woods of Wealdland, he discovered the abode of an old wizard. This wizard offered great power to the young Lunos Firedrake.
“What I can offer you is the best weapon of men in battles for stability and strength, you will understand all the advantages this potion gives to a man after just one try, I assure you, young Lunos”, said the wizard.
Lunos, filled with the avarice of desire for great power, he partook the entirety of the potion without hesitation. Immediately, he felt a chill that he had not felt in all his life, constricting his mind, sending him too his knees.
“Do not worry, young Lunos, that which you feel is simply brain freeze, that potion used water from my well, and deep underground, there is ice. Stop doubting in your inner being, and start the age of full self-confidence. I will train you, and you will gain the power you so desire.”
Lunos understood the advantages of the potion, and agreed to the wizard’s training.

Synchronously, in the village, the Goddess appeared, and proclaimed Daystar Firedrake as the warrior to save Wealdland and protect the Primal Energy from all those who would seek to use it towards their own ends. She then took the young hero to train him for his destiny despite his protests that he must set out to find his brother, who had gone missing recently.

Years passed, and the brothers trained separately; Lunos, with the wizard and his magic, and Daystar with the Goddess. Both became master swordsman, able to defeat entire armies. Their strength was immeasurable, as was their skill in many aspects of life. However, while Daystar enjoyed the company of others, spending much of his spare time in revelry with the battalion who he trained alongside, Lunos studied magics alone, with the wizard leaving for long periods of time to tend to his own affairs.

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