Desolation: Anamnesis – The Jungle I

I emerged from the murky swamp and crawled through the muddy beach, past the trained crocodile attack guards. Into the jungle. I could tell right away they were trying to trick me into a false sense of security with their security. Trip wires, landmines, proximity mines, lazer fields, barb wire, motion sensing mini-gun turrets. Child’s toys. I made my way past them, stifling a yawn. As soon as I was within visual range of the facility, I was beset upon by a pack of gorillas descending from the trees.

They were fast at lightning, and fought with expert timing. It was all I could do to simply dodge their paired attacks. The hits I did land did not make a very big impression on them. It was a little bit frightening, until I tried a solid block and felt my forearm splinter and break in half like a twig. At least my head was still attached, which is more than I can say for the next one who attacked me. I stumbled back into the bushes; seeing it come at me from the side, I activated my plasma blade, slashing out at it. Its head flew past, rolling along the dirt, the gushing blood sank the neck slightly into the ground while the 500– correction, 490 pound body slumped down on me. I struggled to push it off quickly as the others surrounded me again, in martial arts stances.

I could easily recognize their styles now when not in the midst of being ambushed. Regretably, this was only because the stances were performed so expertly and masterfully. The techniques have been updated to work better with the gorillas’ specific anatomy. But I was ready.

As the final gorilla fell in a bloody, beaten mess, I heard a loud robotic screech.

“Welcome to my jungle, agent. You’re going to die!” booms out over hidden speakers scattered throughout the trees. I knew who it was, because I was sent there to disable their plans, and uproot their operation in this jungle. Ignoring the challenge of banter, I dip into the thick jungle once more, and make my way towards the facility.

Walls of vines attempted to block my progression, but were easily sliced down. Soon I saw the facilty up close and in detail. It appeared abandoned. I chose to go in anyway. I ascended the building without too much trouble, and made my way in. The first step I took broke, and sent me falling through four flights of stairs before finally meeting enough resistance with the fifth. A poor mistake, but not one I couldn’t recover from. Badly beaten and with a broken arm, however, this mission wasn’t feeling as succesful as I’d have been comfortable with. I thought that there just may be a chance for me. I finished going down the stairwell without issue. Next came the polished corridors, or, what used to be. When I got there, they were covered in thick vines and plants.

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