Desolation: Anamnesis – Stadium Hate I

I reluctantly turn the key in the ignition, and it roars up. I begin driving the narrow red and white striped pathway. There’s barely enough room for just this one steel cage on wheels. The oval track circles a large dirt pit, on a tier 18 feet above. I can practically smell the blood that the dirt’s been soaked in over the years. I hear the screeches of my tires echo into the darkened coliseum, seeing only the dimly lit track under me.

“Distinguished guests and colleagues. Tonight, I am proud to announce our special guest tonight: F.A.T.E.’s #1 secret agent!” Spotlights illuminate more of the track. It does not improve driving conditions.

The hidden crowd erupts into a chorus of cheers, boos, applause. They want my death. They bet money on it.

“And, of course, my own invention! The unstoppable, funstopabble, ever-loving fan favorite monster truck of malice, weighing in at over 25 tonnes: Verdigris Crush!”

A spotlight hits the center of the arena, and the floor begins to slide open. A green glistening roof emerges slowly spinning out of a hole, slowly revealing the giant twin cannons attached to its side, and then the rest of this massive machine, churning out a flaming black smoke. Once fully above ground, it guns the engine, and does a couple of glory donuts, kicking up the heavy dirt out from under its enormous tires.

“Now, let the fun begin!”

I increase my speed, occasionally scraping the side of the walls, testing for any signs of structural weaknesses. It’s all-solid. Red and white lines screaming under past me, I attempt to focus my attention on the monster truck setting its sights on my positions. It launches dozens of giant metals spheres of varying sizes directly at me. I keep driving, and they land directly behind me. They keep coming. Practice shots, calibration. Good, I need time to think. I can see that he next shot, however, is dead on. I slam on the breaks, and kick it into reverse, burning rubber as they come crashing down, the largest just in front of me; it would have demolished me. Others slam around me, twisting the weak steel bars around me.

The water starts rushing in. Gallons begin rushing out of pipes opening in the walls and ceiling. The track I’m on quickly begins losing any proper traction. Going in reverse as the driver fires the next round, I gauge my speed, and the main sphere hits the rear power source, freeing me from the pull of the electromagnetic cuffs. I leap clear of the wreckage as the next barrage totals that death trap. The explosion blasts me off the wall and I land in the water and dirt, debris falling at my side. The monster truck waits, unmoving. I stand to notice that the water level is rising way too fast, already almost up to my knees. I sprint towards the giant vehicle, torrents of water raining down on me. The truck comes barreling at me, with smoke and fire shooting from the top exhausts. I fake left, jump forward and to the right, back to the left, and jump. Making it between the tires on its left side, I hang on the undercarriage of the behemoth, and pull the break and fuel lines. At about seven feet deep now, the water is begins to reach me again with the tires splashing me, creating a small churning whirlpool just below. I climb up the front of the truck, and kick in the window, knocking out the helmeted driver as well. Just as I thought, they have my utility belt on them; must be pretty high ranked, having been given the honor of killing me. I take it from them, and weld the gas pedal to the floor with my multi-tool. I jump from the window back into the water, leaving behind the only explosives left on the belt. Trying to keep my head above water in this downpour, I watch the truck careen into a wall, exploding in a huge ball of flame.

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