Dissociative Drive IV

The 4th episode in the tale of one man, and how the isolation that life has become, as well as the ever-growing insanity are dealt with. Internally. Externally:
The desire to express creativity has made itself manifest in an obtrusive webcam with delusions of grandeur.

3 Responses to “Dissociative Drive IV”

  1. lol, I like how your face just pops up from nowhere at the begininng and I love the “ok, stop moving part” where mr.cam just goes where he wants like a hurt little soldier. I am eager for the next “all about you” webisode where I can learn more about your delusions, other than the fact that they enjoy Lady GaGa. Also, just a comment, but, I hope you choose the music based on non-distractability because all this indie stuff…sort of sucks a lot.

  2. you are right, it’s not that stupid. I wonder who you will meet?!

  3. lol, that was great. I love how the music changes as soon as you bring up “Other people”

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