Dissociative Drive III

The 3rd episode in the tale of one man, and how the isolation that life has become, as well as the ever-growing insanity are dealt with. Internally. Externally:
The desire to express creativity has made itself manifest in an obtrusive webcam with delusions of grandeur.

3 Responses to “Dissociative Drive III”

  1. …OMG IT’S BATMAN!!!!…Oh wait, it’s just that dude in your webisodes…
    He reminds me a bit of Wolverine with the facial hair in the first scene.
    I loove the fridge scene, the dude almost looks like he’s smiling seeing how persistent and intrusive his delusions are! He cannot even snack!
    …Poor delusions 😦 Dude is so hard on him. I love the final scene, even though I have concluded dude is a total ass! Delusions, you don’t have to take that from your paranoid boss!
    Also, did you add little rain driplets at the end when your GuNNhead logo pops up? It looks cool. Also, you should have Lady GaGa playing in your vid next time to cheer *someone* up! I enjoy these webisodes, they are silly.

  2. emo cam

  3. Soviet Batman Batman for the win! lol, that Lady Gaga line was hilarious. The music at the very end of the video was also perfect. It made me lol.

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