Dissociative Drive II

The 2nd episode in the tale of one man, and how the isolation that life has become, as well as the ever-growing insanity are dealt with. Internally. Externally:
The desire to express creativity has made itself manifest in an obtrusive webcam with delusions of grandeur.

5 Responses to “Dissociative Drive II”

  1. You….have..mutton chops @_@
    LOL@ “Only attention whores and idiots make those; I’m not both of those”
    LOL@ “Fine. Let’s do this”
    LOLx2@ “I only have like two locations.”
    LOL@ “I’m not being snarky”. I wish there was more fight around the use of the term..
    Anyways, the dude in your video seems to be growing crazier by the video…god knows what’ll happen in part III. Dare I say, camera shakes? I enjoy the video game+music at the begininng. Also, I wonder if he experiences these delusions when on the john. It would be quite humorous to me if the camera suddenly appeared as he was in the bathroom.
    I like his Fantasia shirt too, it’s neat. I am eager for the next episode!

  2. GHOSTBUSTERS!! and Snarky.

    I think Manda^ just wants to see you in the bathroom.

  3. lol, “Jazz” is crazzy!
    Also, you should make a separate link to the left of your blog for your youtube webisodes. Much like you did with GS. The webisodes really are unique and should stand out as such.

  4. your my you tube attention whore, idiot, hero !

  5. lol, that was hilarious. These webcam stories really are a nice addition.

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