Dissociative Drive I

This is the first episode in the tale of one man and how he deals with his crippling isolation, as well as his ever-growing insanity. His desire to express himself creatively is made manifest via an annoying webcam with delusions of grandeur.

7 Responses to “Dissociative Drive I”

  1. While we’re here, I think I may want a better name for this series. Something more,,,, succinct, like, Isolatron, or Isolation Motivation, or i dunno. something that might combine solitude and creativity. “dissociative drive”,,,,

  2. Insanitarium, Desolation (for obvious reasons), Creative Wasteland, Existenzia…..Dissociative drive sounds good though, sort of like a sci-fi soap opera. Isolatron sounds very mechanic. I will post more if I think of anything else. Otherwise, congratulations of expanding your art to a new medium! It is very brave of you! Keep it up GuNNhead!

    • I’ve decided on “Dissociative Drive”, it’s just one of those things that hits and sticks, thanks for the input, though.
      Goodbye, “I’m Not Alone (I Have Myself)”, and hello concisivity!
      This just goes to show the world, thinking exercises really do work!

  3. OMG! It’s the infamous glass mug!!! That mug is so classy ^,^ Even the music was pretty classy in true Jake fashion. Nicely done. Oooooo, I like the new title.

  4. K, I actually watched your webisode now.
    At 1:46, it would be cool if we could see actually read what you’re writing on the computer. I like the music at the begininng, it sets the right tone. The indie song with the girl singing goes well with you typing at your computer; but, I feel the first song would be more appropriate to end this webisode as it distracts from your final words. Otherwise, you’re a great actor–very natural, very convincing…I hope this is just a webisode and not what you’ve become o.O
    Oh, and I like the GuNNhead site publicity at the end, super cool. And as a tip, I recommend expanding some of the words you used to tag your video so that there is a higher likelihood that people will find your vid through search (i.e. alone, man, crazy, webisode even…). And if you filmed this all by yourself, great job.

  5. congrats dear sir on your first webisode.

  6. i finally watched it ! good job
    also land of talk ! awesome choice.

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